About Us

Discover the story of Junk B Squared Away, a family-owned junk removal company committed to decluttering lives in West Des Moines, IA.


Your Trusted Junk Removal Company in West Des Moines, IA, and the Surrounding Cities

Welcome to Junk B Squared Away, your premier junk removal service in the Midwest. Family-operated, and locally-owned by Iowa natives and brothers, Blake and Brendon Brauer, we are dedicated to helping residential and commercial clients regain control of their spaces through our comprehensive junk removal services.

Operating in West Des Moines, IA, and its surrounding communities, we have transformed numerous homes and offices into clean, junk-free spaces. Our services range from residential and commercial junk removal to yard debris cleanup, local moving, and thorough property cleanouts.

What sets us apart from other companies is not just our broad range of services but also our approach. We aren't just removing junk - we're helping our clients live more comfortable, organized lives. Our team's knack for cleanliness and organization is unmatched, allowing us to provide you with a service that surpasses your expectations.

But our mission goes beyond business. At the heart of Junk B Squared Away is a commitment to serve and give back to our community. Whenever possible, we donate unwanted items to those in need, turning one person's clutter into another's treasure.

Meet our founders, Blake and Brendon, who have transformed their childhood nickname, B Squared, into a symbol of service and dedication. Whether it's a small residential job or a large commercial project, they bring their full energy, passion, and expertise to every task, making sure each client experiences a professional, high-quality service.

Our Full Range of Services


Brendon - Owner & Junk Hauling Expert

Brendon Brauer, the driving force behind our family-run junk removal business in Des Moines, is the owner and full-time junk hauling expert. With a mission to provide premier service at a discount compared to national competitors, Brendon oversees everything from promoting the business to quoting and executing jobs.

Having started this venture in early 2023, Brendon's inspiration came from a frustrating experience with a large, national junk removal service. Determined to offer better value and exceptional customer service to his neighbors, he seized the opportunity to create a local business that prioritizes efficiency and customer satisfaction.

In addition to his role in junk hauling, Brendon also sells commercial property and casualty insurance, aligning with his brother Blake. Beyond the business realm, he enjoys dinner dates with his wife and daughter, indulges in summer golfing and boating, relishes parents' nights out, and has a passion for exploring the world through travel. Brendon's dedication and entrepreneurial spirit make him a key figure in our family and the success of our business.

Blake (Brother) - Owner & Junk Hauling Expert

Blake Brauer, dedicated brother and co-owner of our family-run junk removal business in Des Moines, wears many hats with unwavering commitment. While excelling in selling commercial property and casualty insurance across Iowa, Blake remains an integral part of our junk removal team.

In junk removal jobs, Blake's attention to detail and strong work ethic ensure spaces are not just cleared but left impeccably clean. Despite the demands of his full-time insurance career and coaching freshman baseball at North Polk, he dedicates time to our family business, showcasing his passion for creating cleaner environments.

Outside of work, Blake finds joy in deep cleaning his house, attending concerts and sporting events, and boating with family at Saylorville. His garage man cave serves as a sanctuary where he can unwind when he manages to carve out some free time amidst his busy schedule.

Bill (Father) - Truck Driver & Customer Experience Specialist

Bill Brauer, a cornerstone of our family-run junk removal business in Des Moines, Iowa, brings a wealth of experience from his remarkable 30+ years at Casey's General Stores Distribution Center. Now retired, Bill has seamlessly transitioned into the junk removal world, working alongside his sons Blake and Brendon. His dedication extends beyond just driving the junk truck; he actively contributes to jobs and ensures smooth operations.

Outside of work, Bill finds joy in summer golf days at the local country club. He cherishes weekend dinner dates with his wife Stephanie, creating cherished moments together. His greatest joy, however, comes from spending quality time with his 6 beloved grandchildren, making family a priority in both his personal and professional life.

Stephanie (Mother) - Cleaning & Organization Specialist

Stephanie Brauer, the heart of our family-run junk removal business in Des Moines, shines both as a devoted mother and an invaluable summer-time hauling helper. As a teacher's aide at North Polk Elementary, she dedicates her fall to spring to helping children with disabilities, showcasing her selfless and time-intensive commitment to education.

In the summer, Stephanie seamlessly transitions into our junk removal team, contributing her incredible cleaning and organizing skills. Her touch is the ultimate final flourish to our jobs, ensuring spaces are left spectacularly clean. Trust me when I say, you won't find a kinder and more compassionate person than Stephanie Brauer.

When not shaping the future generation or hauling junk, Stephanie enjoys dinner dates with her family, relishing moments in the backyard with her 4 precious dog friends, and basking in the summer sun while relaxing in the pool. Her warmth and dedication make her an invaluable asset to our family and our business.

Morgan (Brendon's Wife) - Advertising & Marketing Genius

Morgan Brauer, the dynamic force behind our family-run junk removal business in Des Moines, wears multiple hats with grace and determination. As the head of advertising and marketing, she drives new business by skillfully promoting our services on social media and online platforms.

While being a beautiful young mother to our precious baby girl, Morgan also dedicates time as a part-time junk hauling helper, showcasing her strength, toughness, and incredible work ethic. Despite not fitting the stereotypical image, Morgan proves that looks can indeed be deceiving.

Outside the business realm, Morgan cherishes dinner dates with her husband and daughter, values time spent visiting her family in Wisconsin, enjoys parents' nights out, and has a passion for exploring new destinations through travel. Her multifaceted role makes her an integral part of both our family and the success of our business.

Brooke (Blake's Wife) - Company Fashion Expert

Brooke Brauer, the creative force behind our company's professional image, plays a vital role in designing and making our impeccable company apparel. As the wife of Blake, she brings a dedicated and reliable touch to our team, ensuring we look our best for our customers.

Juggling her responsibilities as a mother of two young boys and managing her own online clothing business, Brooke's time is limited, yet she consistently delivers top-notch apparel. Beyond her professional endeavors, Brooke enjoys long walks with her family and two dogs, embraces activities with her young boys, and finds relaxation in a compelling Netflix series while cozied up on the couch with her husband. Her commitment to both family and business enhances the overall success and image of our local, family-run junk removal enterprise.